500 E – Oct 6/7 – Marfa TX

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Less than 12 hours ago i got asked to be in a DIY artshow in Marfa Tx for the big Open House weekend sponsored by the Chinati Foundation. Many people know Marfa as that “place with the unexplained lights” but it has become an artist retreat since the filming of the filming of Giant in the 50’s with James Dean and Liz Taylor. Donald Judd put Marfa on the map as well for his minimalist sculptures. Dan Flavin has also had a presence there as well with some permanent installation work. Flavin did that crazy light changing hallway in the MFAH.
The biggest excitement about this year is that Sonic Youth (i’m not linking this one) will be giving a free show in the new Thunder Bird Hotel’s performance space (same owner as the san jose in austin, on soco). In 2004 Yo La Tengo played.

Saturday is a free meal and provided to EVERYONE in the city in an open dinning experience in “downtown” Marfa (it’s only two blocks).

… so the art show will be me and Adreon Henry (singleframe, they are playing too) with some other artists i am not familiar with but surely it should be grand.
marfa tx: http://www.marfa.org/
official events :
art show from 2004: http://marfaopen24hrs.org

we had an after party till the weeee hours, even the sheriff stopped by to listen, check the pics on the site.

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