Here’s some news from all over the internets…….

Without a special license, owners of bars, clubs and restaurants could be sued for playing any one of 8 million recorded songs, even from their own CDs.

 Sydney installs terrorism-alert speakers



Man cuts off hand for Hindu goddess offering

Children being used as ‘guinea pigs’ in mass Wi-Fi experiment, warn teachers

Russia claims North Pole with Arctic flag

Current mayors should avoid certain part-time jobs, like being a bouncer at a strip club


Dog bites man. Strange: Man bites dog. Fark: Dog shoots man

When you clean out the tiger pen, be sure to lock the tiger up first

Texas group plans to deliver Bibles with morning newspapers.


Dick Cheney accuses Hillary Clinton of treason

Cheney admits to being wrong

The man who won the lottery twice by mistake

Pat Tillman was murdered for threatening to go public with his anti-war stance


he was there sexually molesting the cows wtf!!!!!!!!!

Couple invites police inside while smoking pot

Man falls out of car while trying to spit

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