I hope there are a bunch of kidos reading this right now. I love squashing hopes and dreams!!!!! muaahhhaa……



The Deathly Hallows is NOT a ghost world for magic people. It is a wand, a cloak of invisibility and a rock that brings people back from the dead, whomever posses all of these together is invincible. Snape killed Dumbledore, because Dumbledore asked him to…because he was cursed and his arm was turning black and he didn’t want to die a horribly painful death. When Snape did this he became the owner of the Deathly Hallows wand. Now fellow muggles like myself might find all of this confusing..but I will try and explain it to the best of my ability…

Voldermort is the bad guy and can only be killed by finding the seven parts of his soul and destroying them. They are call the Horcruxes. And it turns out that one of those pieces was inside Harry Potter so he had to let Voldermort kill him to eventually be able to destroy Voldermort. So Harry Potter does die in this book!

It turns out Snape was a good guy after all but ends up being killed by Voldermort so he can posses the wand he got from Dumbledore. Ya see way back when Harry Potter’s parents were kids Snape was a childhood friend and was very much in love with Harry’s mother Lily. But because he got into a fight with Harry’s dad James and said a bunch of mean stuff about people with muggle parents to insult him…and Lily over heard it and had muggle parents too….she decided not to speak to Snape anymore and went on to marry Harry’s dad James and give birth to Harry.

Well Snape decided to be a part of Voldermort’s evil crew/army/whatever they call it…and Voldermort told Snape a child was born that could destroy him and he had to be killed. Well Snape found out it was Harry and told Voldermort he didn’t care about Harry or his father James, but begged him not to kill Lily because he still loved her…and Voldermort didn’t care if they died too and told that to Snape…So Snape went to Dumbledore and told him and begged for him to help…Dumbledore said that he would think about it, but then Harry’s parents were killed before he had the chance. So Dumbledore promised Snape revenge. So that’s why Snape hates Harry half the time and likes him the other half. He resents Harry, but then sees Lily in Harry and thinks how if things went differently he could have been Harry’s father. So Snape died being a hero, but no one really knew that.

So back to the present, Voldermort killed Harry Potter. So Harry dies and Dumbledore who is also dead tells him he can stay dead and be reunited with his parents or he could go back and kill Voldermort…he chooses to go back…everyone thinks Harry is dead but long story short he kills Voldermort.

Flash forward 19 years Ron and Hermine are married and Harry is married to Ginny (Ron’s little sister) and all of their kids are on the train and going to Hogwarts where Nevil is a professor. Ta da…happy ending!

But here’s the deal: a lot of people had to die to get this happy ending! There is TONS of blood and gore, with the good wizards against bad. The sad deaths including Harry’s magical Owl Hedgwig, Mad Eye Moody and McDoby that weird elf guy…and Ron’s parents survive but one of Ron’s brother’s loses and ear and the other loses his life. And the couple Lupin and Tonks are killed just seven days after they have their baby….a lot of people are killed…and the word Bitch gets tossed into one of the fight and the words ‘effin and hell are used ALOT!…it’s a pretty violent war that goes on most of the book and Voldermort has no problems killing non-magic muggle people left and right. So it’s get an T for Teen rating in my book for blood, gore and language in my opinion!

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