friends with no class

so i just told a few friends about this new blog thingy here and the response i got was, let’s just say, nothing less that tactless. now this person who remains anonymous, for vanity purposes, is typically considered a good friend of mine. however, after hearing these illuminating comments from them, i shall now reflect on whether said friend should remain in my good graces. now this is not a casual friend, this is a life long, i know how your shit smells type friend. it just blows me away that some people can never  dig deep enough in their own shallow existance to find a few encouraging words to spread. i mean is it too hard to recognize that other people have interests outside of what you dictate to them? like i said tough reflection will come soon enough.

here is a song to that said friend:

The Flying Lizards – Sex Machine.mp3

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7 Comments on “friends with no class”

  1. rory Says:

    pissy pants

  2. rory Says:

    thanks for at least giving me something to read ass face

  3. loadedgoat Says:


  4. melinda Says:

    man, sorry to hear those things. as we get older we find out who are real friends are and if they are good friends, they will ALWAYS be there no matter what! 🙂

  5. rory Says:

    Screw real friends… and Jeremy too!!!!!

  6. loadedgoat Says:

  7. Jaco Says:

    I’ll give all ya’ll something “REAL”.

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