butchy, with tail haircuts!!


how do explain the awesomeness of live blogging? my good friend rory is chatting away in my ear whilst i type.  i’m nodding and yessing to her like i am listening, but not really.  she’s going on and on about falling down as a child head first with a toothpick in her mouth.  ultimately the said toothpick stabs her in the back of the throat causing blood to squirt everywhere. good stuff!!! now that’s not necessarily the meat of the story. that would have to be the way her hair reacted. now at this time, rory a young girl, was not able to decide what type of cut she would get. that would be determined by her loving mother. acccording to rory, her mom had taken her to get a fresh new haircut. an 80’S HAIRCUT!!!! complete with”hardcore feathered bangs” and a “rat tail“. if anyone knows rory, one can only imaging what this ‘do’ would look like on her. i THINK she should reactivate  this look in all it’s glory. i also THINK that she should send me her primary school picture that documents this cut so i can post it here for the world to admire. and i REALLY THINK that she would look beautiful. can you imagine the play this woman would get.

update: aparantly MARIA PRESTIHOOHOO had the same cut, only more “mullety”…. good stuff


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One Comment on “butchy, with tail haircuts!!”

  1. rory Says:

    That is seriously mannish. Whose body is that? Christ…

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